Our Mission

We want to share books that speak to the heart. Our goal is to help you laugh out loud, cry tears of joy and compassion, or take you on a journey through someone else’s eyes where you learn something new or really understand how they feel.  It is beautiful to be able to experience these emotions through reading another’s story.

Our belief is that if we all really listen to each other’s adventures, we will empathize more with others as well as have more patience with ourselves.  If we are really lucky, it may even change our perspective on how we approach life.
This is what we love, what drives us, and what we want to share with the world.

Currently, Synchronistic Books only publishes works written by the publisher, A.P. Morris.

About A.P. Morris

“I’m a copywriter & a natural health enthusiast, but what interests me most is trying to figure out how to find peace and be the happiest I can be.
I enjoy chocolate, and anywhere there are sun, ocean & palm trees, but that is not what I am talking about.  Although, they can help a lot!
Throughout the many learning & healing processes that I’ve walked through in my life, I’ve always felt driven to share my experiences with others through writing.
What good is everything that I’ve learned if I don’t share it with others with the hope of helping them?  Not that everyone will always agree or follow the path that I did, but maybe it will help awaken something in them that will light their way.
When you’ve read something that I’ve written, it is my hope that it is heartfelt, entertaining and may even help lead you towards the next step in your journey.”


A.P. Morris